Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Preparing for Meals Afterwards

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Wisdom Teeth ExtractionIf you have a wisdom teeth extraction, you are about to join the millions of people that have dental professionals remove their third set of molars. Since there is not enough room for wisdom teeth for many people, removing them is the most efficient option.

The wisdom teeth can grow in impacted or sideways, pushing straight teeth out of position, causing discomfort, and being a breeding ground for bacteria. For these reasons and more, we typically remove them.

A more comfortable procedure

The procedure itself is not uncomfortable because we will give the patient anesthesia. With the anesthesia, the patient will probably be asleep or severely drowsy for the procedure. If the patient’s teeth grow in straight, we might be able to pull the wisdom teeth directly out. Otherwise, we typically need to perform oral surgery to remove them. In either case, the patient will not be aware of what is happening and there will be a recovery period afterward.

The biggest concern that our patients have about a wisdom teeth extraction is how they will look and what they will eat. Understandably, an extraction impacts both. Most people experience swelling in their face and jaw for a few days after the procedure. Plan on staying home if possible and icing the face for 15 minutes at a time. The patient can also take ibuprofen to help ease the swelling and discomfort.

When it comes to food the solution is slightly more complicated. Patients need to eat because the body needs nutrition to stay strong and to heal quickly. Starving oneself is not a viable option. Simultaneously, patients cannot eat anything that is sharp, hard, or crunchy because that could irritate the gums. Patients also cannot eat anything that requires a lot of force or that is difficult to chew, this means that most meat is out of the question for the first few days. We do, however, have some suggestions for food that is soft enough to eat.

Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction Foods

Single serving snacks

Start by picking up some snacks at the grocery store. Patients can buy single serving Jello and pudding cups, yogurt, popsicles, and ice cream. While these cannot replace actual meals, they do serve as convenient snacks that will prevent patients from reaching into the chip bag.


This classic is always good for lunch or dinner. Try a homemade vegetable soup. The veggies will be nice and soft and the meal will offer the nutrition that patients need while also being easy to eat.


Swap out a meat sandwich for hummus spread over soft bread. Patients can buy different types of hummus until they find their favorite variety and there is no easier sandwich to make.

Meat alternatives

Since patients will not be able to eat chicken breast or pork loin, we recommend that patients switch to fish, tofu or cauliflower as a meat substitute. Serve with a side dish of mashed or baked sweet potatoes for something that tastes fabulous and is easy to chew.

We understand that a wisdom teeth extraction can seem overwhelming, but we will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Afterwards your recovery and dietary restrictions will only last for a few days.

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