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TMJ Treatment Lafayette, TMJ


What is TMJ? What do people mean when they say they have "TMJ"?

"TMJ" or more correctly, "TMJ pain" and "TMD" loosely refer to the same thing. TMD, or "Tempero-mandibular Joint Disorder," is a condition in which an individual has pain and discomfort associated with the jaw joint. It happens when the muscles, jaw joint, and teeth are not working in harmony together.


Patients with TMJ disorders may experience clenching, grinding, toothaches, headaches, cracked teeth, jaw tension/locking, limited mouth opening, and clicking or "popping" of the jaw joints.


The causes of TMJ disorder are complex, and requires a careful analysis of muscle function, joint function, bite analysis, sleep efficacy and psychosocial behavior.


Through a computerized analysis of your bite, the treatment to alleviate your discomfort is determined. It may be as simple as construction of a night time splint. TMJ appliances through Complete Family Dentistry are custom-made dental appliances. These oral appliances are an alternative to other treatments such as restorations and orthodontics which can help realign the jaw and bite to reduce the problems associated with TMD.

Professional oral appliances made at Complete Family Dentistry by Dr. Thanki will help TMJ sufferers more effectively than those purchased over-the-counter. Over-the-counter TMJ appliances do not work because they cannot mimic a proper bite. Each individual is different, and everyone has a different bite. In order for a TMJ appliance to be effective at treating the condition, it must be professionally custom-made to each individual patient to provide the best results and treatment.

Additionally, many patient benefit from insurance coverage for TMJ appliances, as well as coverage for the cost of restorations needed for repairing damage caused by TMJ and for correcting the individual patient's bite. This can make TMJ treatment and oral appliances affordable for most anyone who is suffering from this disorder. However due to the complex nature of the condition, treatment may involve orthodontics; or selective adjustment or restoration of teeth to improve the bite and use of a night-time TMJ splint; or pharmacological management, or sleep study prompted treatment. Physical therapy, accupuncture, surgical treatment or psychotherepy referral will also be made for more complex cases.

A TMJ appliances is just one of the options to treat TMJ. In fact, it doesn't move or do anything permanently, it's a substitute to an ideal bite, or a substitute for the true fix when the patient wears it.
What fixes TMJ pain? 

Assuming there is no internal joint damage which is 90% of the time, is to fix the bite to its ideal form, i.e., maximum intercuspation at the hinge axis of the jaw and posterior disclusion at excursive movement of the jaw.


Also, botox therapy can be useful to relieve symptoms on stubborn cases.

Dr. Thanki at Complete Family Dentistry prides himself in offering a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility, as well as a helpful, highly-trained staff of dentists and hygienists in his office. Together with Dr. Thanki, you can find the best treatments for your TMJ pain, as well as the expertise that you expect from a dentist.


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