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Complete Family Dentistry | Dental Crowns and Bridges in Lafayette

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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns Lafayette, Dental Bridges


Dental crowns and bridges are done for individuals that need more than a filling to restore their teeth.


A dental crown is a form of restoration for teeth that has had too much decay, fractured, or has lost a lot of its original strength and form. It is usually recommended when the natural tooth structure is compromised, or damaged due to trauma or extensive decay. They can also be indicated in teeth with large fillings in which there is not enough enamel left for support.

Same Day Crowns and Veneers are available in most situations and do away with the need for multiple visits for the same tooth. Imagine, no temporary crowns that come off, no long waiting periods! If you have a morning crown or veneer appointment, your restoration(s) will be ready after lunch.  This is accomplished on-site using state of the art  3D CAD/CAM technology.  We are one of the first few in Lafayette to use this technology.  


An onlay, is a partial restoration, similar to a crown that is placed over the portion of the tooth that needs protection and strength.


A dental bridge is a restoration that is used to replace a missing tooth. The adjacent teeth are filed down, and a bridge is placed on top, supporting a false tooth in the middle. This can help fill in a gap where a tooth is missing from decay, age, or trauma, and can help improve one's smile. Other alternatives to dental bridges are dental implants and partial dentures.

Our dental restorations at Complete Family Dentistry are created with quality materials in order to appear natural and life-like. We also offer metal-free crowns and restorations, which also require less tooth reduction and are extremely strong.

Dr. Thanki has various options available to those who want to change their smile, and dental crowns and bridges can help you make positive changes to the way you look. He has completed thousands of restorations for his patients over his twenty years of dental experience. Call Complete Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out what dental crowns and bridges can do to improve your smile!


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