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Complete Family Dentistry | Can't Use Your CPAP? in Lafayette

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Can't Use Your CPAP?


image_thumbnail.pngIf you have sleep apnea, chances are that you have a CPAP machine. Sleep apnea is potentially life threatening and so your CPAP is a very necessary piece of equipment. Do you use your CPAP machine every night?

Many CPAP wearers are very frustrated by their CPAP machine.  When first prescribed by their sleep specialist, they try hard to use it but find it may be unwieldy, cumbersome and noisy, not to mention unattractive!

Frequently, after the first few days, they relegate it to a drawer near their bed with the intention of using it "another time".  Many patients find that they prefer to just go without anything. 

Sleep apnea is a serious condition, not to be taken lightly. If your sleep specialist deems it necessary for you to use a CPAP, and you have trouble, there is an alternative.

We can custom fabricate an oral appliance that fits in your mouth. When in position, it will hold your tongue away from the base of your throat and thereby keep your airway open while sleeping.   If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea, and are not able to tolerate your CPAP and all its associated difficulties, an oral sleep apnea appliance may be for you.   We work very closely with your sleep specialist to make sure that this is the right treatment for you. Please contact our office for further information and to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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